Benefits of Renewable Energy Wheeling With NOA

It’s cleaner, cost-effective, and more reliable than Eskom-generated fossil fuel energy.

Decarbonisation Targets and ESG Metrics

Our solution design allows NOA’s clients to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions significantly. NOA’s aggregator model allows for higher renewable energy penetration, utilising wheeling to enable large-scale, customised supply.

By opting for NOA’s aggregated offering, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, ensure compliance with current and future legislation, and become more attractive to investors and clients.

Energy Cost Savings

NOA’s wheeled renewable energy solutions can offer 10-50% cost savings versus Eskom’s WEPS (Wholesale Energy Price System) tariff. In addition, NOA’s energy prices are inflation-linked, ensuring predictable and manageable cost increases. Due to Eskom’s often unpredictable and sharp price increases, NOA’s clients experience material cost savings over the length of their contracts.



With NOA aggregating renewable energy from multiple sites, clients have a more reliable supply. Wheeling enables NOA to develop large-scale projects at optimal locations throughout South Africa and reliably supply this energy to clients across South Africa.

Eskom’s establishment of an Independent Transmission Company is critical to ensuring sufficient investment to improve and expand the national grid, which is vital to NOA’s wheeling-enabled offering.


Quicker and Simple

NOA is currently developing its own assets and purchasing energy for trusted third-party IPPs. Over the next few years, NOA’s portfolio of generation assets will be operational. In its established phase, NOA Trading will seamlessly connect clients to its supply, ensuring faster access to renewable energy for clients.

By entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with NOA Trading, clients have one PPA for all their renewable energy needs.