As a proud South African company, NOA believes in a post-load-shedding future with a vibrant, growing economy fuelled by access to reliable renewable energy.

NOA is a pioneer in the South African renewable energy industry, operating as both an independent power producer and an energy trader.

Our wheeled energy solutions help our clients overcome the restrictions of on-site generation and alleviate their reliance on brown energy. We positively impact their productivity, help them save on energy costs, and meet their sustainability goals.

Through wheeling, NOA can generate renewable energy from its own solar PV, wind, and battery sites and procure energy from third-party IPPs. NOA Trading aggregates this energy and can supply higher, more reliable volumes of clean energy, making the energy transition seamless for clients.


Renewable Energy Wheeling

Wheeling is the transportation of energy from a renewable energy generating source, such as a wind or solar PV plant, via an existing distribution and transmission grid to an end user in a different location using the national grid.

In South Africa, Eskom plays a critical role in allowing the private sector to use its transmission infrastructure for wheeling.

NOA wheels renewable energy from its owned generating assets and via power purchase agreements with other independent power producers. Thanks to diversified energy sources and locations, we can supply a larger percentage of our clients’ energy needs.

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Join the NOA team and be part of a company that is solving South Africa’s pressing energy crisis while transitioning South Africa towards a clean future. NOA is a fast-growing, dynamic, high-impact business dedicated to seeing South Africa realise its social, economic, and human potential.

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Renewable Energy EPC Project Manager

Renewable Energy EPC Project Manager

Oversee and manage all aspects of the planning and delivery of our utility-scale renewable energy plants and ensure that work is completed on time, on budget and of high quality.
Energy Procurement Specialist

Energy Procurement Specialist

Responsible for sourcing, securing and negotiating commercial terms with IPPs.
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