Renewable Energy EPC Project Manager

Oversee and manage all aspects of the planning and delivery of our utility-scale renewable energy plants and ensure that work is completed on time, on budget and of high quality.

Coordinate the activities of all parties involved in the project, including Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractors, original Suppliers, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Contractors, Owners Engineers and third-party consultants in accordance with each party’s respective contract terms. Keep track of overall spend and schedule on the project and manage any variances to either and ensure that key stakeholders are regularly informed about any variances from plan, as well as overall project performance.


Contract Management

  • Manages the construction and operations team, ensuring the company, EPC, and O&M Contractors comply with all contractual obligations. Manages the drafting of contractual notices and communications to ensure that all the required contractual notices are issued on time, including the required content addressing the issue at stake in accordance with contract terms.
  • Assists the Head of EPC and Legal Counsel in disputes and arbitration matters.

Project Schedule Management

  • Reviews and analyses the EPC and O&M Contractors project and maintenance schedule for correctness.
  • Identifies and scrutinises critical path items with the EPC and O&M Contractor to find solutions to prevent or minimise project or maintenance schedule delays.

Cost Management

  • Manages milestone payments by liaising with the construction team, owners engineer, and lenders to ensure payment milestone requirements have been achieved in accordance with the EPC and O&M contract
  • Manages contractor claims by obtaining approval for additional spending where applicable.
  • Manages expenditure forecasting with the Project Finance Team to ensure on-time debt and equity drawdowns during construction and on-time payments to the O&M Contractor during operations.
  • Establishes the earned value versus the paid-to-date value during construction to ensure the EPC Contractor is not over or underpaid.


  •  Supporting the Business Development team up to financial close in relation to negotiating contract terms with EPC and O&M Contractors and third-party consultants.
  •  Lead procurement activities with contractors and hire party consultants during operations and construction in accordance with the company procurement policies and procedures.

Quality Management

  • Reviews EPC and O&M Contractors’ project quality plans to ensure best international quality standards and practice is implemented in accordance with the EPC and O&M Contracts.
  • Ensures the Contractors’ quality plan is implemented during all phases of the EPC and O&M contracts.
  • Reviews executed quality inspection sheets for payment milestones, mechanical completion, and substantial completion purposes during construction.
  • Manage quality audit action items identified by the construction and operation team to ensure that potential risks are addressed.

Health Safety and Environmental Management

  •  Monitors the HSE aspect by liaising with the project HSE team to identify HSE risks and addressing these risks with the EPC and/or O&M Contractors from a contractual and legislative perspective.


  • Ensures timeous submissions and issuing of EPC and O&M contractors, consultants, and company reports.
  • Writes reviews and analyses reports to ensure they are in the agreed format, accurate, comprehensive, and of an acceptable standard.
  • Responsible for coordinating project team members and their input in the various project reports issued to project stakeholders, including lenders, sponsors, utilities, owners engineer, lenders engineer, etc.

Construction and Operations team management

  •  Provides support to the Head of EPC in identifying and assisting in recruiting resources required to comply with and adhere to the company’s obligations in relation to construction and operational projects.
  • Support in the efficient management of the construction and operational team to ensure resources are utilised correctly.
  • Assists in construction and operations team development by identifying skills shortages and informs the Head of EPC accordingly.
  • Taking a leadership role in the construction and operations team relating to EPC and O&M contractual issues

Risk management

  • Identification, evaluation and prioritisation of risks in accordance with the probability and impact of occurrence in terms of health, safety, monitory, time, quality and environmental impact
  • Communicating risk with the project stakeholders at its earliest stage to enable the project team to manage the risk effectively before the impact and probability of the risk escalate.

Position Specific Requirements:

  • 5–10 years’ experience as a Project Manager in the renewable energy industry, including pre-financial Close
  • Engineering, QS or Construction Management related degree
  • Project management qualification (PMP) or equivalent
  • Over 3years site experience in the engineering and construction industry
  • Risk management and/or change management experience

Remuneration Bracket 

  • Market related with benefits included into CTC

To apply for the role, upload your resume together with a cover letter that highlights your relevant work experience and achievements that make you an ideal fit for the role, and what motivates you to join the NOA mission.

Please note that preference will be given to candidates in line with NOA’s diversity and inclusion policies.

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